Scott Murray Art

Scott E. Murray, Jr.

As an artist from a traditional, blue-collar background, I use the idea of “home” as means of creating an environment within which to reconcile thoughts of shifting identity. As the first in my family to academically and socially excel, my experience has brought an awareness of a darker side to success. I have found myself separated from both my own family and from the academic context. I find it very difficult to notice the differences between relationships such as art and life, past and present, fact and fiction. To me they reside freely as one.
My work is driven by a need to find and scrutinize what is lost in these relationships and alter change by rebuilding connections to the idea of “home.” My ideas are communicated metaphorically by remodeling “self” and “home” through symbolic means as well as by singling out a portion of a piece apart from its whole. The need to hold on to the memories of “home” allows me to reveal underlying issues of acceptance and rejection within my shifting social contexts and roles.
My work begins to reconcile my emotionally charged study of acceptance between these two worlds. My approach to a collective theme allows the work to operate both as a formal tool and conceptual backbone. This gives the viewers an opportunity to consider the construction of self from their own perspective in relation to the work. Once the viewer is able to connect to the work relative to his or her own ideas of remodeling and acceptance in life, my intent as an artist is realized.